General information about Serbia

Official name:
The Republic of Serbia.
It contains two autonomous provinces: Vojvodina and Kosovo and

Area: 88,361 sq. km

Serbia is located in the central part of the Balkan Penisula, in the
south-eastern part of Europe.

Temperate continental climate, with a gradual transition between the
four seasons of the year (worm summers, with temperature up to
30 C and snowy winters , with temperature from -5 C to 10 C).

Population: Approx . 10 million. The majority of the population of Serbia are
Serbs (66 per cent), but another 37 nationalities also live on its
territory (Albanians 17 per cent, Hungarians 3,5 per cent, followed
by Romanians, Croats, Bulgarians and others). All citizens have
equal rights and responsibilities and enjoy full national equality.

The official language is Serbian and official alphabet is Cyrillic as
well as Latin. In the areas inhabited by national minorities, the
languages and alphabets of the minorities are in official use, as
provided by law.

Religion: The main religion in Serbia is Christian Ortodox. There are also other
religious communites in Serbia: Islamic, Roman Catholic,Protestant,
Jewish and other.

Time: GMT + 1

Area codes:
Code for Serbia is +381, for Belgrade (0)11, for Novi Sad (0)21, for
Nis (0)18 etc.
For the international colls from Serbia dial 99 + code of the desired
country + code for the city.

Police: 92 ; Fire service: 93 ; Medical emergency: 94